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Cherry Pi is a centralised online ordering solution. The system enables you to effortlessly send orders to multiple suppliers from a single web portal.

Modelled on supermarket shopping websites, Cherry Pi is extremely easy to use and therefore requires very little user-training.

The system has number of unique and intuitive features  – such as a ‘smart search’ facility which automatically sorts search results based on historic invoice purchase data, so that products which are being purchased most frequently are presented first on the list.

Once your order has been built and sent to the supplier, and the order received by the supplier, the system automatically updates the status of the order informing you that the supplier has acknowledged your order.

The system records the time orders were placed and the time the supplier acknowledge the order. Internally, the Pelican team monitors these times and should any of your orders not be acknowledge within a set period of time, Pelican contacts the supplier to resolve any ordering problems.

The system provides you with total control over what suppliers can be used and which products can be ordered. You can ‘lock down’ your catalogue list so that only contract lines are available to be ordered, ensuring your compliance.

Alternatively, if flexibility is important to you, the list can be ‘opened up’ so that suppliers’ complete ranges are available.

The system enables you to easily see what orders are being placed across the whole organisation. You can also use a ‘staged approval system’, so that orders placed can be forwarded to a budget holder prior to being sent to the supplier.

Once an order has been created, a purchase order number can be attached. This field can be made mandatory so that no orders can be sent unless the PO number has been provided.

The system also features an ‘Amazon style’ supplier order cut-off notification, which shows a ‘count down’ of the time you have left to place an order for the next available delivery date.

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