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Riddlesdown Collegiate, a prestigious secondary school with academy status in Croydon, recently underwent a significant catering facility upgrade to provide a seamless flow of service to its more than 2,000 pupils.

Riddlesdown Collegiate is one of the largest schools in its area and is a proud winner of the ‘Food for Life Food Served Here’ award by The Soil Association for its catering standards.

Initial Consultation

When Director of Operations Kelly Livingstone embarked on a project to upgrade the school’s kitchen and front-of-house catering area, she turned to Jo Leech, Commercial Equipment Consultant at Pelican Procurement Services.

After consulting with Kelly, Jo obtained proposals and quotes from several providers. She selected the best supplier for the serving areas; and in this instance, the Parry modular system was chosen as it was the best solution to meet the school’s needs and budget.

Finding the best solution

The school now benefits from 19 individual modular units, which give the appearance of a fixed counter but without the associated costs and with added flexibility to move or swap units if needed. They can be positioned almost anywhere and deliver lower running costs.

Jo adds, “One of the best features is that they’re modular, so if the school wants to add further units, it can be done with ease. That gives huge confidence to the school catering team.”

Kelly Livingstone, Director of Operations at Riddlesdown Collegiate, said: “They give a nice flow for the students, they’ve helped to streamline our service, and the counters are moveable too, which helps with cleaning without looking like mobile units.” 

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If you need advice on commercial equipment that can help to streamline and enhance your catering services, get in touch. Contact Jo by calling 01252 705200 or emailing

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