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Passionate experts who have an ethical approach to procurement

Passionate about procurement

We are a professional procurement and supply chain specialist with over 30 years of knowledge within the foodservice and catering industries.

Our procurement team support a wide range of clients and work with suppliers and manufacturers on a day-to- day basis. It is their knowledge and expertise which will give you an impartial view of the industry.

Our team will share with you the latest innovations and trends, highlight any improvements and explore new ideas that could enhance your offering.

Pelican Procurement Services is part of the Avendra Group portfolio of companies. As part of Avendra Group, Pelican Procurement Services leverages a vast network of professional procurement experts and innovative resources to deliver customised solutions to customers and suppliers.


Unique procurement solution

We are an ethics-focussed procurement organisation, making us distinct in our sector. We work for you and all our output belongs to you.

Bespoke solution
Our professional procurement setup provides a bespoke tendering service delivering the most competitive price for all the products you buy, taking into consideration your quality and service level needs.

Full support
We follow that with a full post-tender management service, ensuring that you are receiving the agreed prices, quality and service levels from suppliers for the whole duration of the contract.

Pelican works with national and local suppliers and we do not discriminate against suppliers due to their size, location or any factor which does not impact on performance.

How we work

  1. Listen and learn

    We will listen and learn about your organisational values, aims and the challenges you and your team members are facing.

  2. Make recommendations

    We will present all the facts and suggest how your short-, mid- and long-term procurement and supply chain needs would be best met.

  3. Support the process of change

    Pelican will support you in the process of culture change ensuring your team are happy and ready to embark on new ways of working.

  4. Implement solutions

    We follow our proven and trusted process that ensures smooth implementation within an agreed timeline, where both suppliers and your team are well prepared on day one.

  5. Deliver results

    Pelican’s operational team, assisted by our Pi system, will support you for the whole duration of the contract, ensuring you are receiving the agreed prices, quality and service levels.

pelican head office team

Our values

Our three key values underpin the way we operate. They ensure you achieve your objectives in a compliant, ethical and efficient way, whilst safeguarding fairness and equality in the marketplace.


We adhere to Public Contracts Regulations and follow the best practice in accordance with Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). We also ensure that food suppliers we manage are compliant with The Food Safety Act 1990.


Your objectives are always our primary focus. We evaluate and treat all suppliers equally and present all the facts so that you can make informed decisions.


Everything we do for you is up for inspection. Nothing is off limits: from negotiations with suppliers, to a full financial audit. We are fully accountable for all our actions.

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