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Meet the Pelican team

Investors in People
Mental Health First Aid England
Investing in our work colleagues through personal development plans, as well as providing an environment that safeguards the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our employees that promotes a balanced work life is important to all of us at Pelican. 
It’s the procurement expertise from my work colleagues that really give Pelican the edge in the marketplace. Together with in-house e-procurement systems as well as the wider support from the Avendra Group we are able to tailor our offering to meet any client’s needs and wants. 
Ian Holliday

DIRECTOR – Pelican procurement services

Ian Holiday

Staff well-being is important to us

Pelican believes in a proactive approach to the well-being of our staff. Our accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) team are ready to assist colleagues with any difficulties they may face in their professional and personal lives.

Ian Holiday

Sponsor for mental health & Wellbeing

Ian Holliday

“The leadership team at Pelican take responsibility for our colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing very seriously.”

Health & wellbeing champion

Anna-Maria Holt, MHFA

“Looking after our mental health is just as important as diet, exercise and rest in achieving optimum health and wellbeing.”

Simon Gurney

Health & Wellbeing champion

Simon Gurney, MHFA

“Safe conversations can help lighten the load and when you realise the weight of heaviness that’s removed, it’s liberating.”

Debbie Craig

Health & wellbeing champion

Debbie Craig, MHFA

“When life doesn’t go as planned, having someone you can talk to can make a world of a difference.”

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