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You may have seen that data published by Public Health England (on Tuesday 22 May 2018) showing the first assessment of progress on the government’s sugar reduction programme, measuring how far the food industry has gone towards reducing the sugar.

Last year, Public Health England set a target of reducing the sugar intake from specific food categories by a fifth by 2020.

The assessment shows an encouraging initial start from retailers and manufacturers, achieving a 2% reduction in both average sugar content and calories in products likely to be consumed in one go.

Whilst this doesn’t meet the 5% ambition, PHE recognises there are more sugar reduction plans from the food industry in the pipeline. However the Government have threatened legislation if the target is not met.

Although the data has only been collected from food manufacturers and retailers this time,  food items sold in cafes and restaurants will be included in the future.


Useful Sugar Reduction Guide 

To help foodservice operators keep abreast of the changes required, and be the leaders in making step changes towards sugar reduction, Pelican’s Dietitian has created useful Sugar Reduction guide.

The guide covers:

  • Why action is needed
  • Targets and recommendations
  • Practical steps to sugar reduction in food and drink

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Pelican is here to help.  If you would like help to reduce sugar across you food and drink offering contact our Company Dietitian, at 

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Anna-Maria Holt

Company Dietitian and Health & Wellbeing Lead at Pelican Procurement Services

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