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“I recently spoke to the boss of a multimillion turnover hospitality business. He spent his weekend restocking shelves.” That, says Pelican New Business Manager Lou Stener, is the sharp end of the staffing crisis that the hospitality sector is currently facing.

While posts go unfilled, those in work end up working longer hours, and probably doing tasks they never signed up for – and may not be greatly skilled at.

And while one solution might be to find more pairs of hands – which is easier said than done at the moment – Lou is keen to spread the word about the cloud- based system, Pi that does most tasks automatically, freeing up vast amounts of time!

Increase efficiencies and save time

Pelican’s Pi system was developed to help clients operate more easily and efficiently. The modular online software can substantially optimise ordering, reconcile deliveries and invoices, and streamline payments. A menu management module allows users to share updated menus and ingredient lists with their teams in real-time and automatically provides key nutrition, calorie and allergen information.

“The real challenge in many industries is time, and the hospitality sector is feeling it more than most.

We can help remove the volume of boring and mundane activities, delivering our customers more time – which they can then devote to looking after their guests, and growing their businesses.”

Used by clients across the hospitality landscape, it’s proven to save time – lots of it.

Reap the benefits of Pi

“Stop handling paper, and start handling plates,” says Lou. “Free up time to work on your business, not in it.”

“Some people think they haven’t got the time to change their systems – but we support them directly with the shift. Just as the banks have now made it easier to switch accounts, the Pelican team will proactively support a transition to the Pi system. For busy businesses, this can make a major difference.”

Hear what our clients have to say about Pi

Dominique Duc, Head Chef, Canford School says: “Having the Pi system in place has given me peace of mind and the ability to manage and control all aspects of the operation from budgetary planning to compliance of the suppliers, as well as managing recipes and dietary and allergen requirements.

The Pi system takes care of otherwise time- consuming tasks which allows me to do what I love the most, being in the kitchen.”

Ovidiu Cimpeanu, Catering Manager at Clarendon Lodge confirms it: “I have only recently started using online ordering, but to be honest I don’t believe there is a better way of placing orders. Once an order is placed via Pi, any error can be tracked and corrected (I have proof of what has been ordered so I can check it against the delivery note). Pi allows you to place multiple orders, choosing different delivery dates and multiple suppliers at one time.

Debbie Kelly-Greaves, Head of Food Services and Hospitality at Stowe School says: “If I think back to what we were doing 12-months ago to what we have now, we have completely transformed our process from a manual set-up to fully online. With Pi, we have one digital platform that provides us with a recipe system, a stock system, transparent budgeting, and an ordering system that includes our approved products, and it’s given us complete control.

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