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Catering teams use online ordering module Cherry Pi

Profit margins in the hospitality industry are slim compared to other sectors, and with price increases and a volatile market, food service operators are now more than ever looking to bolster their business and make sure it doesn’t just survive but thrive.

Profit margins provide important operational insights – how much to charge per dish, how many covers need to be made per day, menu and portion sizes, and so on. Transparency of financial performance metrics is key to the success of any business, but accurately tracking supplier spend can be a time-consuming task. This can involve waiting for finance reports to become available and entering data into spreadsheets before you are able to evaluate financial performance.

Having these numbers easily and quickly available for a comprehensive view of your operations, means you can make informed decisions for operational success. And this is where Pi’s new module Pinpoint helps!

Pinpoint is your new strategic tool! 

Pinpoint enables you to quickly view a flash GP report – providing you with an instant picture of your financial performance, so that you can make timely decisions based on a sound foundation.

Powerful yet simple to use, Pinpoint has been designed to make financial performance tracking easy. With just a few clicks you can accurately track your expenditure across your organisation; record sales revenue and view daily and accumulative GP% performance.

Multiple Pinpoint reports can be created with the results presented in an easy-to-read graph, enabling you and your teams to compare different cost centres’ financial performance at a glance.

gross profit tracking

Key benefits

  • Easily track cost centre expenditure from invoices, orders or booked in deliveries

  • View accurate expenditure data from anywhere as soon as it’s available

  • Highly configurable to your needs

  • No apps or software to install

  • Gain a complete view of cost centre performance across your entire organisation

  • Information is stored centrally and is accessible to any permitted users

  • Free to use for Pelican clients (this includes set up, training and support)

Detailed reports at your fingertips

Pinpoint enables you to enter daily revenue, view costs, make any cost adjustments and view your daily and cumulative GP%

Benefits of the Pi Procurement System

  • Pi is complimentary to customers using Pelican Procurement Services

  • Built and managed by our in-house system experts

  • Ongoing support one phone call away

  • All Pi modules are available to all users

  • Training included

  • As many users as you need

  • Great user experience – easy to use, friendly, modern and dynamic

  • The system is totally secure – SSL encrypted and 100% password protected

  • No software to install or updates to manage

We are here to help.

Book your demo today to see how Pinpoint can help your operation. Contact the team on 01252 705214 or

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