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As a company, we care about making a positive impact on people and the planet. This is why we are excited to launch our sustainability plan: Be Well. Do WellTM . The following are some of the highlights:

Creating a sustainable workplace

We’re doing our bit in the workplace to reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. And as our work centres around people, we make them a critical focus of our sustainability plan.

We do this by:

  1. Increasing the uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles in our company car fleet
  2. Reducing commuter car travel through hybrid working
  3. Encouraging alternative transport on days when employees are in the office
  4. Actively encouraging our employees to take paid leave days to support local community programmes and charities they are passionate about
  5. Providing a wide range of training, development and mentoring opportunities
  6. Training all our managers to be Mental Health First Aiders
  7. Providing equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion
    (ie. Women in leadership and LGBTQ+ communities’ groups)

Helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint

We support our clients on their carbon reduction journey and helping them to achieve their sustainability goals through:

  1. Responsible and ethical sourcing
  2. Supporting diversity in the supply chain
  3. Focusing on core commodities
  4. Supporting sustainable awards and accreditations
  5. Supporting client community initiatives

We are passionate about partnering and supporting our clients’ community objectives: 

  • Our team helped Manchester Metropolitan University with the ‘Holiday Hunger’ project – providing low-income families and their children with free healthy food during the summer holidays.
  • Our team supported the University of Birmingham’s award-winning community project – ‘Junkbuster’- collecting unwanted clothes, shoes, books and household items to raise money for The British Heart Foundation.

Our Net Zero 2050 Commitment 

Our Net Zero 2050 commitment is an important step along our sustainability journey. 

We’ve created a roadmap to play our role in working alongside other UK organisations to achieve the UK Government’s Net Zero target of at least a 100% reduction in the net UK carbon account by 2050 (based on 1900s levels).

Our Net Zero Plan

We’re here to help. 

At Pelican, we are keen to support our clients on their carbon reduction journey.  If you need sustainability support – please contact us at 01252 705214 or 

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