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Schools and colleges all need areas in which to teach practical elements of food tech, today’s name for what some would have known as domestic science in days gone by. The ideal food tech area will combine robust, commercial equipment that can cope with regular use by students unfamiliar with its care, with multiple workstations that will include washbasins and cooking stations.

Jo Leech, Pelican’s equipment specialist, received requests from two schools to assist in the design and planning of their food tech rooms, which led to the development of semi-commercial designs, utilising coloured cabinets – a reminder that not every commercial kitchen has to be solely completed in stainless steel throughout.

Logistics of colourful kitchens

For the team at Pelican, the technical challenges for food tech spaces are a little different from a regular commercial kitchen.

“But we do have the capability to design such spaces with a little more colour,” says Jo. “They can be themed, or for example feature the school or college colours.”

Jo works with a specialist supplier who is experienced in producing high-quality kitchen components in a variety of finishes, combining their expertise with that of her existing team of cooker, refrigeration, stainless and dishwashing engineers to integrate appliances as required.

Computer design programmes allow images to be mocked up for clients before they commit to their bright new space.

“We can also take the same colourful approach to designing kitchens for staff breakout areas, across all types of business,” says Jo, “from nurseries to offices and retail.”

Managing supply chain challenges

If you are looking for new fittings or installations – we advise you to plan well in advance as the current market is still highly volatile, and products are often difficult to obtain in a timely fashion, due to component or raw material shortages.

Despite the challenges, we are working closely with our supply chain partners and successfully delivering a number of projects for our clients – so if you need help or impartial advice – please contact Jo she would be happy to assist you.

We are here to help

Jo has over 20 years of commercial equipment expertise and she will provide you with impartial, expert advice with full operational support. She will liaise with all the parties to fully understand your requirements and find the best solution that meets all your needs.

Contact Jo if you have any commercial equipment needs or to get impartial advice or 01252 705 205.

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