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The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published updated technical guidance on 18th June 2020. They are providing details about the new legislation for allergen labelling known as Natasha’s Law.

These new allergen labelling rules will come into effect in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from 1st October 2021.

The guidance is aimed at enforcement authorities and food business operators servicing hospitals, schools, universities, pubs, restaurants and other food businesses including – retailers, manufacturers, packers and importers.

New rules to pre-packed food for direct sale

The change to the food labelling law is specific to pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) food. This is food that has been packaged onsite before a customer selects or orders it from the same site or premises.

PPDS food will be required to carry a label with a complete ingredients list and the allergens present emphasised on this list.

For a food to be PPDS, it must meet all of the following three criteria:

  • Presented to the customer in packaging
  • Packaged before the consumer selects or orders it
  • Packaged at the same place it is sold

Recommended best practice set out in the guidance includes: “Food businesses should consider the foods they package before the process of a sale begins, in order to check if these requirements apply.”

This new law brings PPDS allergen labelling in line with existing requirements for providing allergen information to customers on other prepacked food. The intention is to reduce consumer confusion and prevent further food allergy fatalities as a result of missing or incorrect allergen information.

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