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Do you have to manually input, check and reconcile hundreds of invoices each month?

Are you experiencing any of the following issues?

* Dealing with large volumes of invoices coming from different suppliers in many different formats

* Sorting errors associated with manual data entry

* Duplicating work – often the same information needs to be entered more than once

* Processing and sign-off procedures involving individuals in different departments

* Gathering physical documents in order to match invoices with purchase orders, delivery notes, contracts and accounting system records

We can help

Our system, Pi, will make the process of handling your supplier invoices easier, faster and more productive. With Pi, there is no more manual keying, checking or reconciling!

Pi receives data electronically directly from suppliers providing you with a real-time view of your invoices and credits online.

You can approve invoices online and import them directly to your existing account system.

About our system and services

Pi is our award-winning cloud-based procurement solution, offering a broad suite of modules which empower finance, purchasing and catering teams to achieve results more quickly and accurately. Pi will streamline your internal processes, increase staff productivity and improve business processes and decisions.

Watch our Pi video

Would you like to see how easy and powerful the Pi system is and how much work it’s going to save you? Contact us at to experience a quick demo of Pi.


What our customers say:

 “Before Pi, all invoicing and recording of orders was manual. The Pi system has consolidated the way the inbound invoicing is managed and has saved our finance department three full days on invoicing matters alone. This is a massive saving.”

Laurence Perry, Bursar & Clerk of Governors at Wakefield Grammar School Foundation

“Using Pelican’s Pi system makes a big difference for our finance team. We used to be inundated with supplier invoices, which needed checking against agreed price lists. To say it was cumbersome was an understatement.

Ian Findlay, Bursar at Bradford Grammar School


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