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Online system streamlines tasks

If you’ve been told you need to do more with less, don’t worry – Pi is here to help! 

With furloughed staff, and pared down teams, you may well be struggling to get everything done in a timely fashion. 

We have designed Pi’s automated features specifically to help clients do more, more efficiently – cutting hours of work and unnecessary admin pressure from busy schedules. 

You may have only been using one or two Pi modules to date, if that’s the case – we have listed the benefits of 3 key Pi modules that will make a huge difference to your operational teams. 

So be sure to take a quick deep dive into Pelican Pi’s full capabilities!

1 – Online ordering

  • Place orders with multiple suppliers through one web portal
  • No more phone ordering – a huge time saving
  • Control over orderable products with approval and notification system
  • Automatic PO number generation
  • Fully automated tracking of your order status
  • Cut-off time alerts and order countdown alerts

2 – Menu and allergen management

  • Build recipes and menus online and share with staff and customers
  • Save time with recipe-in-recipe capability and recipe method standardisation
  • Automatically update menu costs using live supplier invoice prices
  • Plan menu cycles and view product ordering requirements and costs
  • Allergen and nutrition data directly from suppliers

3 – Stock and delivery management

  • Easily build and maintain stocktaking sheets
  • Record stock counts directly on your tablet/smartphone (includes offline mode)
  • Two-way stock transfers with approval and notification
  • Record deliveries directly on tablet/phone on arrival
  • Process automatically adds delivery information to stock
  • Delivery issues can be recorded and categorised for SLA monitoring

Get the most out of the power of Pi, and ensure you are up to speed. Any questions, just email and we’ll do our very best to help you.

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