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Ideal for a covid-19 environment

With pandemic safety rules restricting kitchen and dining operations, many catering operators are opting for ready-made cold food solutions, with grab & go sandwiches and snacks a favourite option. 

Anne Lyons, Catering Manager at Hershel Grammar School talks about the benefits of ready-made sandwiches:

We have been buying ready-made sandwiches for the past couple of years from the same supplier. And, I must say that they provide us with excellent service and their sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and salad pots are excellent quality. Our students really like all their products and the fact they have so much choice! Furthermore, their eye-catching packing already has allergen and nutrition values displayed on the box which helps us and students. 

I would not go back to making our own sandwiches as it is not cost-effective and we could not offer such a wide choice to the staff and students. 

Anne Lyons, Catering Manager, Hershel Grammar School 
Anne Lyons , Catering Manager, Hershel Grammar School

Key benefits ready-made sandwiches include: 

  • A wide choice to cater to different tastes, special dietary requirements, and cultural needs. 
  • Huge range of products available including a choice of bread, wraps, and salads
  • Eye-catching ‘high street’ style branding helping you to market it
  • Easy to transport to different service points around a school or campus 
  • Allergen Labelling included on the packaging
  • Minimise food waste as you don’t have to buy all the ingredients 
  • Good shelf life, so no need to order every day – easier on deliveries
  • Plastic-free and biodegradable packing helps with sustainability

If you are interested in ready-made sandwich solutions, please contact our Procurement team at and we will organise a tasting session for you. 

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