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Pelican is proud to support The Caterer Digital Summit 2016 which will provide the latest technology tools for hospitality businesses to help them stay ahead of competition.

The Caterer Digital Summit 2016 take place at KINGS PLACE, LONDON • 25TH MAY 2016 - will explore the technological advances and visionary thinking that has the potential to simplify the guest experience and power hospitality businesses in 2016 and beyond.  

The one day conference will address how to lure millennials, manage modern digital marketing, thrive in the digital age, and how to generate loyalty through contemporary revenue management. 

Through a series of lively, engaging and educational sessions, the Digital Summit provided delegates with all the tools needed to stay ahead of the competition. 


Digital Summit Full Programme

The Caterer Technology Prospectus 2016

Award-winning Procurement and Financial System

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