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Nottingham High School is an independent day school (HMC) comprising of an Infant and Junior School (for ages 4–11), Senior School (for ages 11–16) and Sixth Form (for ages 16-18).

The school was founded in 1513 by Dame Agnes Mellers with King Henry VIII sealing the school’s foundation deed in that same year. After more than 500 years of teaching boys, we welcomed girls into our school, becoming a co-educational institution in 2015.

Secondary pupils at Nottingham school where procurement savings were achieved

Paul Dunwell, Operations Manager at Nottingham High School, wanted to review their procurement processes in order to achieve better value for money and gain greater financial visibility across all the school’s sites. Here, Paul explains how Pelican Procurement Services has helped Nottingham High School to achieve their objectives.

“Pelican has not only provided us with major savings on our wholesale purchasing but also their electronic supplier payment solution is helping us to reduce significantly the time and costs associated with administration.

Our finance department is now saving about 2 hours of processing time every month just by having one supplier’s invoices available electronically on Pelican’s Pi system.

I found the Pi system very useful, as I am located separately from both the finance office and the catering department, so if I want to check anything I can simply log into it from my office chair and it’s all there in front of me.

We have also received lots of credit notes since using the Pelican invoice checking system. The time that would previously have been spent checking this manually is now saved and the majority of the overcharging would not have been detected by a manual check so we have achieved a significant saving in both time and money.”



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