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Sustainable Procurement of Catering and Food Services

Sustainability has become an ever-higher priority for everyone in hospitality due to the much-publicised environmental impact the food industry has on the planet.

For many food operators, the key drives are to reduce plastic, food waste and food miles. The pressure for change is on – and the Pelican team is right here to help you!

Our procurement team will help you identify alternative products that can offer the environmental benefits sought, while also delivering economic benefits.

Pelican Procurement Team are here to help

Pelican Procurement team has a wealth of knowledge and experience to support you with individual projects:

  • Eliminating single use plastic
  • Reducing waste
  • Introducing proven sustainability schemes
  • Optimising recycling
  • Reducing deliveries & food miles
  • Sourcing suppliers & products offering environmental benefits

Recently the Pelican team got involved in:

  • Helping clients moving away from using disposable packaging, to reusable crates when buying fresh produce.
  • Providing advice on initiatives that work well in the industry – including crisp packet recycling, and collection schemes for used coffee grounds. To reduce the issue of hot beverage cup waste, we have seen options including cup collection schemes, and the sale of reusable cups.
  • Including sustainable goals within contractual terms agreed with suppliers. This commits suppliers to deliver on various initiatives; one recent example saw a sandwich supplier commit to move its sandwich packaging wedges to plastic-free by the end of 2020.
  • Sourcing alternative products and concepts to replace plastic cups, single use bottles, and drinking straws.

If you need help with your sustainability goals, please get it in touch with us at

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