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Pelican is excited to announce that we'll soon we will be launching a major update to Pi.

Our lovely customers have continued to provide us with heaps of suggestions on how Pi could be improved. We’ve taken these ideas on-board and after many meetings, lots of coffee and a few late nights, we can now announce some of the new changes which you’ll soon be able to enjoy!

Along with hundreds of ‘under-the-hood’ changes designed to improve stability, speed and performance, Pi v2 will include totally new versions of Pitstop, Cherry Pi and Piranha, along with a brand new Inventory module.

Fear not! We will be migrating all your data from Pi v1 to the new version, so when you log in your existing stock checks, menu items and online orders will still be there!

Lots! Firstly Pitstop, Piranha and Cherry Pi have all had a visual make over! The new user interface looks fresh, is easy to use and quick to learn.

PITSTOP – is now even more powerful. You’ll be able to record and monitor ALL your stock movements. Transfers, returns, sales and deliveries –, if you want complete control over your stock, Pitstop can now provide it. We’ve also made it super-easy for you to record stock counts directly onto your smartphone! You can even separate your business into different ‘departments’ so different cost centres can be created within your organisation.

CHERRY PI – the new ‘lists’ function enables you to easily and quickly create multiple product lists, thereby creating supplier orders faster than ever. Controls can then be put in place so that your staff can only order items from lists you’ve created. ‘Booking in’ Cherry Pi orders is now also possible – this means that stock records can be accurately updated when stock is received.

PIRANHA – control over recipe ownership is just one of the many new features being included within the new version of Piranha. Menu items can be ‘locked’ preventing others within your organisation from editing them. The product search facility has also been updated, meaning that finding products and building menu items is faster than ever for you.

INVENTORY – This new module provides the ability to centrally manage all your suppliers and products within one place. ‘Non-Pelican’ Suppliers can be managed and administered here. All products are then automatically available within Piranha and Pitstop – and soon, you’ll also be able to use Cherry Pi to place orders with your non-Pelican suppliers!

Nothing… We’re still testing and tweaking the system. Rest assured that we’re not going to launch the new version until everything is ready, so please watch this space! Further updates and training will be made available as we get closer to the go-live date.

If you’d like to find out more, why not give us a call? We’d be thrilled to tell you more about the new system and answer any questions you might have – 01252 705200.

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