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With schools preparing to reopen to more children soon, caterers are busy working out what school food provision will look like in these new circumstances.

Adjusting your catering service

Some of the steps caterers are considering in preparation for schools reopening include:

  • Social distancing signage – 2m rule reminders
  • Pre-packed food
  • A plated service rather than self-service
  • A reduced single option menu
  • Grab and go items including boxed salads
  • Using innovative wrapped food options to reduce plastic waste
  • Using-up stock as much as possible
  • Limiting food brought in from home to avoid contamination – including separate eating areas for food brought in from home and school food provision

School food provision will look different across the country. This will depend on how many children return to school and what individual schools have in place in terms of safeguarding and safety procedures.

Many schools will be creating a simple menu offering and focusing on using up their stock first before ordering fresh produce.

Schools Food Standards

Whilst the expectations on meeting the food standards will be relaxed, caterers are still encouraged to use the School Food Standards to plan balanced healthy school menus wherever they reasonably can. For some children the school meal is their main meal of the day so providing nutritious and appetising food is still important for pupils’ health and wellbeing.

Menu Checking Service

As your menu offering will change and you need to ensure it still meets the needs of your pupils, our Company Dietitian Anna-Maria Holt is here to help you and support you with your menu and recipes.  Please contact her at

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