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At the start of the pandemic, 54% of people surveyed said the situation was having a moderate to severe negative impact on their mental health.
It has now been several months with people living in crisis mode and with acute uncertainty.

The crisis is affecting people in very different ways depending on their circumstances, and that includes the most basic requirements of life such as sleep. A survey by King’s College University found that more than half of the UK population has struggled with sleep during lockdown.

Five key psychological needs

Research by MindGym, has found that there 5 key psychological needs that have direct impact on the way we perform at work and our general mental and health wellbeing. And all these needs are under greatest threat during the pandemic:

1. Agency – “I am in control of my destiny
2. Hope – “I can see my way to a better future”
3. Belonging – “I feel connected”
4. Purpose – “My work matters”
5. Joy – “My work makes me happy”

Tips for staying mentally strong

As we are facing prolonged disruption and anticipating how the new normal at work will look like.

Many employers and line managers are looking for ways to stay committed and energised and motive their teams. Below are some tips on how to turn those essential psychological needs and stay mentally strong:

  • Provide personal as well as practical support
  • Be human, humble and humorous
  • Focus on what we can/are doing
  • Bring teams together through virtual huddles
  • Act as a source of positive energy
  • Celebrate colleagues’ successes
  • Instead of asking “How are you?” try asking “What’s been good about today?”

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