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Christmas dinner

With the holiday season just around the corner, why not spice up your festive menus with plant-based delights? It’s the perfect time to cater to the growing demand for vegan and vegetarian options while adding a fresh twist to your seasonal spreads.

From savoury centrepieces to indulgent sweet treats, we’ve selected some of our favourite vegan and vegetarian products available through our supply partners that are perfect for your menus this holiday season:

Phat Pasty Festive Vegan Bake

Packed with festive flavours, including mushrooms, cranberries, sage and thyme, and topped with a creamy sauce, the Festive Vegan Bake from Phat Pasty is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit – even on the go. These Vegan Bakes are available through Creed Foodservice.

Quorn Roast Joint

An ideal alternative to the traditional turkey, this vegetarian centrepiece is the perfect way to enjoy a meat-free roast dinner without compromising flavour. Quorn Roast Joints are available through Brakes.

Plant-Based ‘Prawn’ Cocktail

Make your festive menu ocean-friendly without compromising on taste! Vegan Zeastar Shrimpz, available through Vegetarian Express, are a fantastic alternative to prawns for this simple starter, with a prawn-like texture and fish flavour undertones.

Everyday Favourites Vegan Jaffa Orange Cake

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy an indulgent dessert during the festive season! This show-stopping vegan cake available through Bidfood features three layers of orange-flavoured sponge with chocolate orange frosting, topped with orange jelly and a layer of dark chocolate ganache.

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