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Pelican’s eProcurement system, Pi, offers a suite of modules to streamline operations for finance, procurement, and catering teams, saving hours of manual work. Our dedicated team ensures Pi stays current and relevant with user feedback and industry updates.

About Piranha

Piranha simplifies menu management with its intuitive menu engineering system. Teams can effortlessly build and manage recipes, track allergen and nutritional data, view recipe costs, and view carbon footprint information – all within a single module!

What You’re Missing Without Piranha

Easy recipe management

Build, store and manage your recipes in one place. Organise them with dynamic category management and download and share them effortlessly.

Automated pricing, nutritional and allergen information

See up-to-date costing for your recipes based on live updates from supplier’s price files. Quickly view and download nutritional and allergen information for recipes to comply with current legislation.

View Carbon Footprint Data

View and monitor CO2e emission data for your ingredients and recipes, helping you to make environmentally friendly choices.

Seamless menu planning

Easily plan your menu cycles with the ability to add multiple courses and calculate costs per sitting. Download and print your menus for use in your business with ease.

New Key Upgrades

Bulk recipe management

Bulk recipe management improves time efficiency by allowing users to edit and manage multiple recipes at once. The new feature enables users to select recipes in bulk and manage their site availability, categorisation and user permissions.

Downloadable recipe cost information

Piranha now allows you to seamlessly download recipe cost information. With a simple click, access ingredient costs in a user-friendly offline spreadsheet format. Stay ahead by tracking recipe cost fluctuations throughout the year, fed by real-time updates from supplier price files.

Import recipes in bulk – coming soon!

Effortlessly expand your recipe library in Piranha with our simplified process. Download our recipe builder template and insert product codes and essential recipe details. Then, seamlessly upload batches of recipes to the system with just a single click.

We are driven to make Piranha the pinnacle of its class, providing caterers with the best solutions to manage their menus and enhance their daily operations. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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