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From Hamzah Abu-Ragheb Sustainable Sourcing Director Natily Santos VP Responsible Sourcing Global Supply Chain and GPO Aramark & Avendra Group.

We are committed to supporting the hospitality industry’s vision for a sustainable future.

Pelican Procurement Services, an Avendra Group Company, takes pride in being part of the Hospitality Alliance for Responsible Procurement (HARP).

As a HARP founding member, we are committed to accelerating positive impact across the industry by improving the sustainability performance of the supply chain and strengthening actions to support environmental, human and ethical practices over time.

Our goal within HARP is to help hospitality businesses worldwide adopt sustainable procurement practices including efforts towards reducing scope 3 (Purchased Goods & Services) carbon emissions.

HARP was established in partnership with EcoVadis, an independent global sustainability rating agency, with the aim of measuring and enhancing sustainability efforts within the hospitality supply chain.

The sustainability performance of suppliers plays a crucial role in the environmental, social, and carbon footprint of the hospitality industry.

Through the HARP alliance, we will use EcoVadis’ robust methodologies to evaluate and elevate supply chain sustainability performance, promoting collaborative improvements across the global hospitality supply chain.

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If you need assistance in reducing your environmental impact – reach out to us and we will support you to achieve your goals.

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