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Effective 1 April 2024, the minimum wage will increase by 9.8 per cent, from £10.42 to £11.44 per hour for workers over 21.

Increased employment costs, combined with the persistent cost of living crisis and inflationary pressures, pose a financial challenge for operators across various sectors.

As your trusted procurement partner, the Pelican team is here to help you mitigate the impact of these challenges with cost reduction and efficiency tools.

Strategic cost reduction across categories

In the face of the current cost of living crisis, there’s a constraint on how much consumers are willing to pay, limiting the amount operators can increase prices.

Pelican’s dedicated team specialise in reducing costs across all categories, from food and beverage to non-food items. We can review your purchasing and explore additional categories to find savings or look at your top-purchased products and suggest ‘switch and save’ options.

Maximise efficiencies with Pi to free-up your time

Transitioning from manual to automated digital systems not only streamlines operations but also results in significant long-term cost and time savings.

We continuously enhance our eProcurement system Pi, offering seamless support to teams with features such as supplier ordering, efficient invoice management, purchase coding, menu management, allergen tracking, stock management, and waste management, to name a few.

Spotlight on essential Pi Modules to save critical time and resources

Invoice Management

With Pi, you will streamline your invoice processing and administration, consolidating multiple supplier invoices into one monthly statement. Access all your invoices online, with detailed product and credit information at your fingertips.   

Menu & Recipe Management

You can upload existing recipes or create new ones with costing, allergen, nutrition, and Co2e information – automatically provided. You can also share menus and allergens easily with your customers.

Stock Control

Keep your stock items and pricing automatically updated, optimising inventory levels and minimising waste.

Budget Management

Effortlessly monitor your spending and budgets with real-time alerts.

We’re here to help.

Interested in exploring additional categories the Pelican team can help you reduce your costs? Want to discover other features of the Pi system to increase efficiencies in your business? Get in touch with us at

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