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As the summer holidays approach, education operators are gearing up for a period of preparation for the upcoming academic year.

One crucial aspect of this preparation is ensuring that commercial equipment in school kitchens is up to par – guaranteeing improved efficiencies and smooth operations when the new academic year begins.

Pelican Procurement’s Commercial Equipment Specialist, Jo Leech, can help you plan for the summer break to ensure your school kitchen is primed for the new term.

Consider Design Projects

Take advantage of the school break to consider renovation or project work. This may involve upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, expanding kitchen capacity, or redesigning the layout for improved workflow.

We collaborate with reputable design houses that can transform your space to ensure your school kitchens are equipped to meet the demands of the academic year ahead. Whether it’s a partial refurbishment or a total overhaul, our team will work closely with you to achieve the best value solution that meets your budget.

Assess Your Equipment

The smooth operation of school kitchens relies heavily on the functionality of the kitchen equipment in place. Ageing equipment often falls short in terms of efficiency, leading to increased operational costs and compromised performance.

By upgrading to newer models, schools can enhance efficiencies, reduce running expenses and ensure long-term sustainability for their kitchens. We offer expert advice and competitive quotations, including site surveys, for all of your necessary upgrades during the summer break.

We’re Here to Help

For advice or assistance in preparing your kitchens for the new academic year, contact Jo at 01252 705200 or email

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