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The pandemic is starting to seem like a distant memory, and the hotel industry is seeing a surge in demand, with travellers eager to make up for lost time. However, with such high demand comes even higher expectations from guests.  

To give your guests the best experience possible, technology is a game-changer. By embracing the latest digital technology, hotel operators can ensure their guests have a seamless and stress-free stay from booking to arrival and beyond. 

Here are five digital trends for hotels to help you to stay ahead of the curve in 2023:  

1. Using virtual reality to increase bookings  

Virtual reality will play a vital role in guests’ choice of accommodation. Hotels can increase their chances of receiving a new booking by providing prospective guests with a virtual tour of their facilities.  

According to Business Leader, 46% of people would more likely travel to a new place after visiting it virtually. These virtual tours can also help hotels to stand out from competitors that have yet to implement them.  

2. Digital Communication

Hotels need a seamless mobile-friendly online booking system – through an app or a website – and provide additional digital communication to help guests receive the answers they need throughout their stay.

And because many younger guests prefer communication via text, hotels are also starting to embrace social media, using Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to communicate with their guests via their preferred media channels.

3. Touchless stays  

An important legacy from the pandemic is an eye for impeccable cleanliness and a preference for touchless facilities. 

Touchless stays go beyond contactless payments, including sensor lights, switches and doors, or voice-activated appliances – all offering peace of mind for guests.  

4. Remote work technology  

We identified Bleisure (Business + Leisure) as a key trend in 2022, and this trend is here to stay in 2023. 

As business travel continues to ramp up, guests have high expectations regarding technology to fulfil their remote-work tasks. This includes providing free and fast Wi-Fi, as they would have at home.  

5. Smart rooms  

Providing innovative technology has become increasingly important to a guest’s stay.

One example is smart thermostats, which help regulate temperature, save energy and reduce costs. Other opportunities for smart tech include automated lighting systems or smart TVs. 

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