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Changing the way we work

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically impacted the lives and livelihoods of many across the globe. And the hospitality sector is among the hardest hit.  For the majority of organisations and businesses providing a food service offering, the focus has pivoted from expansion to survival, from investment to finding savings. The situation has demanded rapid adjustment, and a search for streamlining and efficiency gains.

Limited service operation and new ‘safety norms’ are representing plenty of additional financial and operational challenges for many catering operators across the hospitality, healthcare and education sectors. Many organisations have had to make redundancies, to balance their books. However, their remaining staff are now faced with extra workload and more pressure, to keep the operation running safely and smoothly.

Even though the economy is slowly gaining momentum once more, for many organisations there won’t be a return to the old ‘normal’, or at least not for some time to come. All around us, we’ve witnessed the acceleration of change, as business survival depends on the old ways being left behind. 

On the plus side, adversity has led to some really creative thinking. Change became an imperative, rather than something to resist. Now more than ever businesses and organisations are looking for new ways to reduce their costs and be more efficient. Partnering with a procurement specialist has now become one of the strategic business solutions chosen by many. 

What can procurement partners do for you?

If you run a catering or hospitality operation, what does the new normal look like for you? Partnering with procurement experts has always been about saving money, and generating operational efficiencies – so it has more relevance than ever. Imagine freeing up your teams to focus on following safety and social distancing protocols, and providing a high level of customer service, to improve levels of repeat business.

There are many purchasing and procurement companies in the market, and each company service offering will differ. So as with any successful partnership you will have to do your research to find the best fit for your needs.

Although price is very important, there are many other factors that need to be considered to ensure that you receive the level of support that best fits your organisation.

It is important that a procurement partner is totally transparent and provides recommendations based on sound professional purchasing principles and practices, which are fully auditable.  As a result of providing impartial advice of this nature, you are best placed to make informed decisions based on these recommendations.

Why partner with Pelican?

Clients are at heart of everything we do

We believe we are one of the few truly professional procurement organisations in our sector – delivering ethical procurement expertise for over 30 years. And, our expertise in foodservice purchasing and professional procurement is unique in the marketplace.

We are supporting a wide range of organisations in education, hospitality and the healthcare sector that run their own catering operations.

The Pelican Team

Our professional procurement services and award-winning procurement systems are delivering a significant financial benefit and generating massive efficiencies – making work-life easier for people whose day-to-day responsibilities are in catering, operations, finance and procurement.

Bespoke solutions to meet your needs

We totally understand that everybody’s needs differ, and that is why we provide flexible and bespoke solutions that will help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Our procurement team can help you manage a specific product category (ie. Wholesale) or help you manage all your catering purchasing requirements. And, our online Pi system can be configured to meet your exact requirements from basic supplier ordering and invoice management, through to a full purchase-to-pay (P2P) system providing you with a total control over your complete payment process.

Achieve fair and sustainable results

Our professional procurement setup provides a bespoke tendering service delivering the most competitive price for all the products you buy, taking into consideration your quality and service level needs.

Pelican works with national and local suppliers and we do not discriminate against suppliers due to their size, location or any factor which does not impact on performance.

Our team will provide you with full post-tender management service, ensuring that you are receiving the agreed prices, quality and service levels from suppliers for the whole duration of the contract.

High professional standards

Our procurement services are delivered by a team of in-house qualified experts who adhere to EU procurement legislation, Public Contracts Regulations and follow the best practice in accordance with Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). We also ensure that food suppliers we manage are compliant with The Food Safety Act 1990.

Areas we can help you

Below are some key areas we can help you with. Also you can read some of our clients success procurement stories here to get a better understanding of how we could help you.

Procurement Services

  • Test your prices against the market to identify potential savings you can make
  • Consolidate your supply chain to streamline your processes, reduce waste and carbon footprint
  • Obtain the best market price for all your products by undertaking a professional tender
  • Provide ongoing price, product, service management ensuring suppliers are delivering as per contract agreement
  • Support you to move to more sustainable procurement
  • Support you to enhance your catering and hospitality offering
  • Sourcing new suppliers or products across food & non-food categories
  • Arranging product samples and tastings

Procurement systems

Our Pi system will help you increase your operational efficiencies and massively reduce your team’s workload as most of the work they do now will be automated! What’s more the system is very intuitive and user-friendly – we promise you and your team will love Pi.

We are looking forward to working with you

Pelican’s team is ready to help you save money and streamline your operations, doing more with less. Whether you’re looking for incremental improvements, or even to make a step change in your organisational efficiency, we will provide you with impartial advice. Please contact us to discuss your needs at

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