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This October sees the first public-facing campaign by the Soil Association called ‘What’s powering your kids?’ The campaign will be launched through various channels including online video, social media, press coverage, print advertising and posters across London and Manchester.

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness about the Soil Association’s award “Food for Life Served Here” amongst parents and carers. If you are a caterer in a school, you may find yourself being asked more questions about the food you serve by parents, pupils, the SLT and staff at your school. To help you prepare for answering some of those questions, here’s a summary of what’s happening:

On Monday 2nd October, you will see the launch of a month-long competition asking parents to find out if their children are eating fresh, local and traceable food by searching if their school holds a Food for Life Served Here Award using the online “Food for Life map”.

Every search a parent makes will enter them into a draw to win prizes for their childrens’ school.

As a result, schools will be entered into a weekly prize draw for the chance to win cooking equipment for cookery lessons in schools.

The Food for Life Served Here (FFLSH) award is the same as the previously named Catering Mark award. The award supports healthy, local, and sustainable food in schools. More than half of all primary schools in England now serve FFLSH meals.


How can Pelican support your school?

Here at Pelican, we have become a member of the Soil Association’s Food for Life Served Here Supplier Scheme to fully support our customers in successfully gaining this award. As such, we are able to not only source products that fit within the Bronze, Silver and Gold criteria, but we understand the inspection process and can help caterers overcome challenges and prepare the evidence.

A real advantage is that we already have the supplier relationships in place, work with clients to create ‘locked in’ purchasing lists, and have online systems that track the details of all products, making it far easier and quicker to be able to monitor progress and, demonstrate compliance.

To find out more about the Food for Life Served Here award, and how Pelican can help your school – please contact Anna-Maria Holt BSc Hons. RD, member of the British Dietetic Association and Company Dietitian and Health & Wellbeing Champion at Pelican Procurement Services on 01252 705200 or email

Here’s a case study about some of the caterers and schools we’ve helped achieve the award.

Anna-Maria Holt

Company Dietitian and Health & Wellbeing Lead at Pelican Procurement Services

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