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Benefits of Professional Tendering

There are many advantages in using the professional tender process as your procurement method of choice for approaching the market.

Our tendering tips

Below we have included some of the key benefits this process offers:

Due diligence

It can help to provide the best possible value-for-money outcome from procurement activity.


While generating financial savings is important, this shouldn’t be at the detriment of service levels – by incorporating specific service KPIs in the tender documentation, suppliers will be aware of the standards you wish to achieve.


When requesting the market to respond to your tender, it is important to stipulate the quality of products you require – again, via a tender you have the opportunity to evaluate product quality, as well as service and price.

Competitive value

As a number of suppliers compete for the business on offer, the tender process delivers the most competitive value from the marketplace.

Market Awareness

It assists companies in maintaining an understanding of what alternatives are available in the market.


It not only helps to keep current suppliers mindful regarding their terms of service, pricing and quality of products, but it means suppliers submit proposals based on your specific requirements, and not on their own terms.

Best fit

Going to tender is the best way to test your pricing against market pricing. Plus, you can invite best fit suppliers for various categories, whether the need is for national supply or you use local or regional suppliers to suit your business.

Set detailed Service Level Agreements

You establish your key performance indicators, quality standards and service levels at the outset, meaning you are in a better position to negotiate terms as suppliers can see what your needs are from day one.

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