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The Caterer Technology Prospectus 

Hospitality operators remain under huge pressure to keep their costs under control. Elly Earls, from The Caterer, finds out how latest technology can help with everything from reducing admin time to gauging how customers feel about a business. You can read the full article  “Get your cost in gear” which was featured in the The Caterer Technology Prospectus 2018  

We are proud that our Pi system has been included as one of the solutions that can help hospitality operators reduce and control cost as well as remove repetitive manual administration – saving valuable time!



Benefits of Pi technology

The Pi system is providing each organisation with a real-time picture of their purchasing spend without any manual input. Giving them full visibility, control and a consistent picture of catering operation and its impact on finances, at any time.

A number of advanced automated online procurement tools, including: 


Pi effectiveness delivers real results

John Stirrat, General Manager from New Lanark Hotel and Visitor Centre, a World Heritage site in Scotland share his experience:


“Thanks to the Pelican’s Pi system, we are now achieving 26% operational inefficiency from kitchen to finance. On top of this, we have reduced our food and beverage cost by 12% through consolidation of products and a tender process, both managed by the Pelican procurement team.

With Pi we now have total visibility over our supplier spend and we no longer have to manually input supplier invoices and pay suppliers individually. There is no need for us to check invoices line by line to ensure that we have not been overcharged, all this is being done automatically. We are also using the Pelican Pi online ordering system , allowing us to control what products our team can order, limiting them to contract list items. This helps us to achieve our saving target. I also use the bespoke management reports where we are able see spend by supplier, by site or by individual product – a great tool which helps to us to mitigate any potential risk.

For example, we spend around £26K on butter annually (one of our top spend product) as we produce our own ice-cream which we sell to the public and distribute to other hotels and restaurants. With the recent price increases we were faced with an increased spend of £46k per year. Our Pelican procurement manager went to the market and sourced a butter of the same quality from a regional supplier. By switching products and suppliers, we were able to save £10K.”

You can read the full client story here


Andrew Forrest, Group Catering Manager, Edinburgh Leisure share his experience: 

“Transparency and control was what I was after and, with Pi, I have it in abundance.  It is my procurement toolkit, which has given me a lot of assurances.

I have management information at my fingertips. The Edinburgh Leisure catering team can see what’s been bought by category level, by site level, by day, week, month, what stock we have – you name it. 

We also use the online ordering, menu management and automated supplier payment systems too. It means I can make quick, informed decisions. 

“In fact, originally I would have had to employ another staff member to support the procurement management, however that hasn’t been required, meaning another cost saving has been achieved. The technology is there and it works. It has removed the need for manual interventions, meaning no more paperwork nightmares.”

You can read the full client story here


Ben Frizell, Operations Manager at Warren House shares his experience: 

“With the Pelican Pi system I’m now able to access management reports so I can quickly see what is being spent where. We are able to manage our stock very easily too, as well as directly manage orders, while the e-billing automatically pays suppliers so my inbound paperwork is becoming less and less. To bring everything together in one place, gives me a great sense of control and visibility over our product purchasing.”

You can read the full client story here


Reduce cost and time

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