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At Pelican, we are dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. In line with this commitment, we have taken a significant stride forward in championing the well-being of women navigating menopause within our workplace.

We want to provide our teams with the necessary resources to help others navigate this stage of life – whether they are a people manager or have a partner with menopause. And we also want to ensure that every member of our team going through this phase feels fully supported to navigate this stage of life with confidence and comfort.

Menopause in the workplace

Menopause occurs when a woman’s period stop due to lower hormone levels. It typically occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, but can sometimes happen earlier. Dealing with the various symptoms of menopause – like fatigue, hot flashes, difficulties with focus and concentration, anxiety, insomnia, and more – can be challenging, especially in the workplace.

We understand that women often find it difficult to discuss menopause-related concerns with their managers. That’s why our goal is to foster an environment where women feel comfortable and fully supported during this transformative phase of their lives.

Our pledge

In partnership with the Wellbeing of Women organisation, we have pledged to become a menopause-friendly employer. We want to ensure that our workplace is understanding, supportive, and equipped to help women going through this stage of life.

By making this pledge, we commit to:

  • Recognising that menopause can be an issue in the workplace and that women need support
  • Talking openly and respectfully about the menopause
  • Actively supporting and informing our team who are affected by the menopause

“I had a profound moment at work when a colleague bravely shared her personal experience of how menopause was impacting her work and overall life. Inspired by her courage, I took it upon myself to champion this crucial initiative, aiming to educate our teams and foster a culture of open conversation surrounding menopause in the workplace.
It is my sincere belief that by raising awareness and promoting dialogue, we can create a supportive and inclusive environment that empowers women during this transformative phase of their lives.”

Ian Holliday, Director of Pelican Procurement Services

Menopause resources for Pelican associates

  • We have launched a ‘Menopause in the Workplace Policy’ that outlines the terminology, symptoms and available resources, which include additional paid leave.
  • We have tools available to help women manage their symptoms and communicate with their managers. These include a guide on how to talk to GPs, menopause food journals, mindfulness resources, guidance on how to talk to managers and nutritional guides.
  • We are increasing awareness among managers of resources to help them understand and support their staff through the menopause transition.
  • We are also excited to provide additional support, by engaging external specialists and speakers to keep raising awareness of the important topic.

Our team’s response

So far, our team has expressed positive feedback about the initiative and the resources we have provided to them.

“The company’s support has been invaluable and helped me understand and manage my symptoms better. There are now lots of resources on how to get help both in and out of the workplace, which is very helpful.“
Rachel Johnson, New Business Manager

“As a line manager, I wanted to support this initiative and learn more after finding out that two members of my team struggled with how to tell me that they were going through menopause, or even if they should tell me. The company’s support and resources have helped to destigmatise the preconceptions my team might have had around speaking to a male colleague about their struggles with menopause.
The purpose of this initiative goes beyond me and my team – it’s about helping everyone talk to one another and be comfortable within the company, regardless of gender or age.“
Jeff Watts, eProcurement Operations Manager

For more information about the Wellbeing of Women organisation, visit their website.

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