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Published by Food for Life (Soil Association), the State of the Nation Report has highlighted key dietary trends among children in England that require attention.

The report revealed that families in the UK eat the most ultra-processed food in Europe. The report estimates that by 2024, 4 in 10 children will leave primary school either obese or overweight.

The report sets out these five recommendations for Government action:

  • Introduce a ‘plant protein day’ in schools
  • Set an ambitious target for organic in public procurement, including in schools
  • Ensure compliance with School Food Standards
  • Ensure adequate funding for school meals to enable the above
  • Extend the Soft Drinks Industry Levy to artificial sweeteners

It is encouraging to see that the School Food Standards are being brought to the forefront for government action.

The current standards in England require updating in order to bring them in line with the latest dietary guidelines and nutrition priorities.

Compliance with School Food Standards is achieved when schools receive support, ideally from a nutrition professional, and monitoring forms part of school inspections.

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