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Many chefs, caterers and hospitality operators are concerned about getting the correct allergen information in order to comply with the Allergen Labelling Legislation.

Here at Pelican, we have created a way to help caterers carry out this task, thanks to an easy-to-use online system which we call Piranha.

Piranha monitors and tracks all allergen and nutritional data, for every ingredient that is being used in menus.  This information is taken directly from suppliers and provides a simple way to quickly determine which allergens are contained within a dish.

With Piranha, chefs will save time as the allergen information is automatically displayed for each newly created recipe and available in friendly PDF format which can be easily shared with staff and customers.

In summary, Piranha will help you:

  • create menus using supplier specific product information including allergen and nutrition information, which is maintained and updated on your behalf
  • categorise menu items to produce an ‘allergen matrix’ which details all allergens, which are present in a menu, on a single sheet

To see how Piranha can help you – please contact us to arrange a demonstration, call us 01252 705214 or email


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