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To better reflect the service which we provide, we recently changed the name of our Central Billing service to e-Billing.  Today, we’re launching an update to the e-Billing finance pages and to Piranha. 

Finance Pages

The ‘statement’ page and the ‘invoices/credits’ page are both being updated with a fresh new look!  Whilst the underlying functionality of these pages remains the same, both these pages have been updated with a new design, improved navigation and benefit from faster load times. 

Why are we making these changes?

These pages were some of the earliest parts of Pi and were built using older technology which we needed to update.  These new pages now have a ‘responsive design’, which means that if you are using a desktop, laptop or tablet the pages content now fits your screen perfectly. 

Purchase Coding module access

Our lovely customers told us that they didn't like how the Purchase Coding module was integrated with the Invoices and Statement page (it added unnecessary complexity to this module).  So as part of the finance page update, we’ve taken this opportunity to change how this module is accessed, to make it easier. 

If you currently use this module, you’ll see that there is now a new ‘tag’ icon displayed on Pi’s grey navigation bar (situated on left-hand side of the screen). Simply click this icon to access Purchase Coding.

Piranha Functions is back!

At the beginning of the year (when we updated Pi to v2) we had to disable the Piranha Functions module due to a number of technical issues relating to the Pi upgrade. 

We’re pleased to report that today we are launching a brand new version of Piranha Functions.  This module has been designed to help you quickly and easily cost a function or event. Using your Piranha recipes and products, you can now build an event, record the quantities which were actually used and examine a full profit and cost breakdown.

It’s really simple to use and is accessed via Piranha.  Please take a look at the new module and, as ever, get in touch should you have any questions.


– Pi Team


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