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Taking action to reduce waste isn’t just great for the planet – it’s also a smart business move. Research indicates that for every £1 invested in a waste reduction plan, you can expect to save £14.

Pi’s Food Waste Monitoring Tools are designed to empower catering teams in effectively managing food waste throughout their kitchen operations. By doing so, you can significantly cut costs while aligning with your financial and sustainability objectives.

Pitstop, Pi’s Food Waste Management tool

With this innovative tool, you have the ability to:

  1. Track Waste Generation: Monitor when and where waste occurs in your facility.
  2. Calculate Waste Costs: Easily determine the financial impact of food waste.
  3. Review Reduction Strategies: See the real-time effectiveness of your waste reduction strategies.

By accurately recording waste data across your organisation and calculating the associated costs, adjust suppliers’ orders and streamline kitchen operations for maximum efficiency.

Recorded data are also displayed in friendly graphs so you can easily and quickly track your waste reduction progress month by month.

What sets us apart is flexibility. A Pelican client can customise the system to monitor and measure specific aspects of their food waste. Additionally, being integrated into the Pi system, this tool automatically harvests additional data, giving you more visibility across your operation.

Client Success

Mia Westwood, Client Procurement Manager at Pelican Procurement Services, shares how, with the support of Pelican’s Food Waste Monitoring tools, she helped an NHS hospital client reduce their food waste by 15%!

Mia shares, “The Pi Food Waste Management Module has been a big help towards reducing food waste in line with our client’s sustainability pledge. It has improved waste management across their hospital wards, and their FSAs and retail teams have interacted well with the system. The module’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing processes made it easy for them to use. The data analysis provided by the system has helped identify areas where the hospital teams can reduce waste and set up new strategies to continue with the progress.”

Make the most of Pi, our eProcurement system

As is customary with Pi, our food waste tool is offered to Pelican clients as part of our value-added service. There are no extra costs for Pelican clients who wish to take advantage of this invaluable feature.

Join us in the fight against food waste, boost your kitchen’s efficiency, and make a positive impact on both your bottom line and the environment with Pi’s Food Waste Monitoring Tools!

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