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This year Pelican’s 2nd networking Cloud Dinner was held in Manchester on 16 May at the iconic bar and restaurant “Cloud 23” which is ranked amongst the best bars in the world.

Over 30 key education business leaders from independent schools gathered together in this breath-taking venue to discuss with their peers some of the challenges they face and share their experiences.

An excellent networking opportunity made all the more enjoyable by fine food and wines, wonderful views and a frank and inspiring talk delivered by Ben Fogle, TV broadcaster and presenter, who spoke about overcoming challenges and being the best version of yourself you can be.

“We wanted the networking format to create plenty of opportunities for interaction,” says Christine Stimpson, HR Director at Pelican.  “We have learnt that the most valuable experiences don’t usually happen in normal conference settings, but in a more relaxed and informal environment. That’s why we provide this platform to enable school business leaders to meet and learn from each other, creating real and genuine relationships.”

Pelican networking for independent schools

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