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This year’s event, attended by over 30 catering managers and business managers from independent and state schools, was held at Pelican Procurement Services’ head office in Elstead, Surrey on the 9th October 2018.

During the busy day participants took part in several workshops covering Managing Stress in the Workplace, Latest Food Trends and People & Culture. The event also provided an opportunity for them to engaged in 1-2-1 training on the Pelican Pi system to learn how Pi can streamline their workload.

Jackie Jessup, Catering and Housekeeping Manager at Kings Newcastle School said about the event:

“I got some great advice from a great group of people rich with experience that was totally relevant to me. There was such a lot of information. I have shared the online information to ‘address your stress’ with my staff and have had a really welcome response from that.  The food trends seminar opened my mind to a whole set of healthy ideas for me to try at our school. And I have also learned so much about Pelican Pi and am looking forward to using it in much more depth.”

Managing Stress in the Workplace

This workshop was facilitated by two of Pelican’s Mental Health First Aiders – Debbie Craig & Anna-Maria Holt who is also BSc Hons. RD Company Dietitian and Health & Well Being Champion

During this interactive session, delegates learnt about the importance of addressing stress in the workplace and were introduced to useful mental health tools such as The Stress Container and the Eustress and Distress models. The group also looked at strategies to help build resilience and develop coping methods as part of self-care and also when helping to support others.

Anna-Maria says: “Staff health and wellbeing is of importance in any workplace so being aware of and supporting employees in maintaining good physical and mental health leads to a happier and more productive workplaces.”

Debbie says: “We were keen to share our learnings about mental health and the importance of addressing signs of stress when they first appear. Supporting and talking to colleagues is a key part of promoting wellbeing among staff.”

Latest Food Trends Seminar

This workshop was facilitated by Simona Hardy, Marketing Manager at Pelican Procurement Services

Attendees learnt about the latest food and drink trends that are shaping consumers’ choices and how they can adjust their school menu to reflect these changes to engage with pupils. It was also a good opportunity for them to openly share key trends in their schools and discuss some of the challenges they are facing.

Simona says: “Latest developments in health, wellbeing and the environment are reflecting and changing consumer attitudes towards the food and drink they want to eat. 2018 / 2019 is all about consumers being responsible – from healthier food & drink choices, to sensible spending and sustainability. It is important for food operators to be aware of the latest major trends and how they can incorporate them into their catering operation.”

People & Culture

This workshop was facilitated by Sue Peat, People & Engagement Manager at Pelican Procurement Services

Sue shared her expertise and knowledge on People & Engagement. She explained how Pelican is creating a culture to help employees flourish in a healthy working environment that promotes inclusive engagement, performance and recognition.  And how we are making Pelican a better place to work through 5 key focus areas: Engage, Health and Wellbeing, Mindset Skills Tools, Attract & Retain and Best Practice.

Sue says: “Having worked in a diverse range of SME and large organisations, I learnt what truly drives a high performing organisation where cares and concerns are transparently and jointly shared between leaders and employees. It’s about our shared values and having fun doing what we are great at.”



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