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Pelican was proud to host the Allergen Accreditation seminar event for the East Anglia Domestic Bursars Group at our offices on Thursday 13th July 2017, which was presented by Julian Edwards MD at Food Service Allergen Management.

The two-hour session covered topics to help caterers protect their customers and their schools when it comes to the safe handling and management of allergens. 

The content included examples of using a validated system and how this gets verified and audited to achieve full disclosure and compliance with the EU FIC 1169/2011 regulations that came into force on 13th December 2014.

Delegates learnt more about the detail of the law and what exactly should be placed on their written allergen information that can be seen by customers. Vigilance on the not so obvious areas was explored including 50 shades of whey! Milk on labels can sometimes be seen as casein, whey etc. and chefs need to be aware of this! 

Another interesting point was the use of milk in the latex/rubber market, so all the delegates were tasked to check their blue gloves supply when they got back to their schools!

This was a really interesting and informative session where everybody shared their best practice. Julian from Allergen Accreditation was very impressed by the delegates’ knowledge and what they already do as caterers to meet the needs of all their customers.


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