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The Pelican team are working safely from home. We are committed to continually supporting all our clients that are operational through these extraordinary times.

Pelican is thinking up new ways to support the health and wellbeing of all the individuals within the Pelican family and keep spirits high!

Energise with Ellis

One of our new events is Energise with Ellis. Our colleague Ellis has created her own take on a ‘Joe Wicks’ exercise session for the whole Pelican family and their extended family members. Her 30 minutes exercise class gets everybody’s heart pumping.  

Happy Harri’s Newsround

We also have Happy Harri’s Newsround to inform and entertain us. Colleague Harriett anchors a weekly news roundup, with interesting facts and fun ideas collected from members of the Pelican family

Online coffee & tea catch ups

We also have a team who host informal online coffee & tea catch ups with everybody at the comfort of their home sofa!

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