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Pelican was proud to host the South East Networking Event for School Caterers at our offices on Tuesday 10 October 2017. 

The main topic of this networking event was to learn more about eating disorders and how school caterers could make a real difference in helping to recognise pupils who suffer from these illnesses and how best the school can support them. 

School caterers received a briefing from Beat; the UK's leading charity supporting anyone affected by eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS or any other difficulties with food, weight and shape. In the UK around 2.5 million people are known to have an eating disorder, a mental health condition that is treatable where chances of recovery are hugely improved if support and treatment are sought early.

The charity explained to delegates how an eating disorder can have an impact on education and provided some helpful insights and tips to enable caterers to recognise pupils with eating disorders and steps to help them.

Company Dietitian, Anna-Maria Holt says “Eating disorders are common mental health illnesses that if treated early can lead to a full recovery. In schools, caterers may be the first to notice the key signs.  By following Beat’s tips on simple things to look for you and signposting those presenting issues to the Helpline, caterers could make a real difference to someone’s life. Early intervention means that more people will receive support at an earlier stage of their illness, stopping their eating disorder before it becomes all-encompassing, and before the need for costly or invasive treatment.”

Beat offers a range of resources that are available to professionals, carers and sufferers including a helpline, support groups, and online message boards.  For more information see Beat website

Delegates also learnt from Jeff Watts, e-Procurement Manager, how the latest Pelican Pi technology is changing the way caterers now operate. Jeff demonstrated some of the key benefits that automated online ordering, online stock management menu managemente-invoicing modules bring to caterers. 

Keith Palmer, our Commercial Equipment Consultant with 40 years experience, showed delegates a few simple ways to maximise front of house and kitchen space. 

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