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pelican article in the times

Success behind the Pelican Procurement Services

The Times’ article: Catering for a company on the rise focuses on customer relationships and top-class tech support that have been a recipe for success for the food purchasing firm, Pelican.

In this article, Franco Scannella, MD at Pelican, shares the key ingredients behind the success of Pelican.

“Battling on price will get you so far, but the best businesses differentiate themselves with the value they add, too.

We allocate a Procurement Manager to each customer and do not have an allegiance to particular suppliers.

Perhaps, most significantly, we’ve created the award-winning technology which is available as a value-added service to Pelican clients who are using our Procurement Services.”

You can read the full article in The Times on page 43 – issue published 8th of May 2019.

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