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Following a 22 year career in leadership at Pelican Procurement as HR and Communication Director, Christine retired from the board of directors on 26 October 2017.


Christine joined the company in 1995 and during her time at Pelican she has been a key innovator in the business, providing strategic leadership and valuable counsel to the board and Pelican staff.


Her vision and commitment have propelled Pelican to our present position, the leading Procurement and Supply Chain company in the industry.


Shabaz Mohammed, Managing Director at Pelican said “Christine has made a huge difference to the whole company and our employees by ensuring that our culture, practices, and processes are amongst the best when compared to leading companies in the country. Our policies, staff benefits, behaviour, and more recently our attainment of ‘Investors in People’, means that we can all enjoy our working environment and for that, we owe a great gratitude to Christine.”


“I speak with a strong degree of certainty that all of us here at Pelican will sadly miss Christine as, for many, Christine has been the “go to” person if they needed someone to help with their thinking, or were troubled by issues.”


Pelican staff thanked Christine for her support and contributions in a farewell reception which was held at the Pelican Head Office in Elstead, Surrey where all employees extend their good wishes to Christine in her new endeavours.




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