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Following customer feedback, an exciting new tool has been developed which enables Pelican's customers to quickly and easily calculate their operating Gross Profit.

The new tool is available free of charge to Pelican customers and is accessible within Pelican's Pi™ web portal:

Using customers invoice data, the Gross Profit calculator provides users with the ability to accurately determine their gross profit and track GP performance via user friendly graphs and tables.

Supplier invoices along with opening & closing stock figures are automatically updated within the system.  Users can simply exclude non-relevant invoices and add any other business costs they wish to include.  The whole process takes just few minutes.

Understanding and monitoring business performance is vital to the success of any business – this new tool saves customers considerable time and provides an way to effortlessly monitor business performance.

If you are an existing Pi™ user, simply log in and visit the Analysis & Reporting section.  If you are not a Pi user and would like to find out more about the system, please call us on 01252 705 222.

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