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Planning and costing an exciting menu is a time-consuming and stressful activity. However, if you are a chef working in a hospital, care home or school, you’ve the added challenge of changing your menu every day! Keeping your customers excited about the food on offer whilst managing menu costs is no easy task.

Planning what specific items are going to be available on what day, and keeping track of the quantity of portions which need to be prepared can be a real headache; this is especially true for multi-site organisations where different menus are served on alternate sites.

A solution from Pelican

Working closely with our clients, and hearing their specific issues and problems they experience day-in-day, we have been able to develop our brand-new menu cycle tool. This online tool has been designed to take the pain out of the process and make your menu cycle planning quick, easy and effortless to manage

On top of that, there are a number of useful features, such as: easy ‘traffic light’ costing, menu cycle approval system and courses, to name but a few. So finally, you can actually get excited about menu planning!

Available from April 2020

Released in April 2020, the menu cycle tool is a new feature available within Piranha. This module (and others) is available to Pelican clients as part of our overall service package – at no additional charge. If you’re already using Piranha and need to plan a menu cycle, you are going to love this tool!

Menu Cycle Powerful Benefits

  • Simple, easy to use, drag and drop interface
  • Quickly create multiple menu cycles which can be duplicated and archived as required
  • Ask managers to approve menu cycles by using approval workflow process
  • Plan multi-week menus and review accurate food costs in relation to the number of customers you are preparing food for
  • View detailed nutritional and allergen information
  • Export menu cycles to create daily menus for display

For further details on the new menu cycle system, please contact us on or call 01252 705200

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