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For those working on the front line of catering the ability to demonstrate knowledge and expertise when it comes to providing nutritionally compliant menus is crucial. Understanding the science behind preparing and serving a healthy meal whilst delivering on a tight budget is essential.

Talking to her school customers, Anna-Maria Holt, Pelican’s Company Dietitian recognised that chefs and catering managers needed to learn more about nutrition and the school food requirements introduced by the School Food Trust (SFT). Independent schools not held to the mandatory standards were just as keen to ensure the food they provided was ashealthy as possible.

Accredited EDI training courses designed for school caterers

Meeting customer demands and expectations is high on the agenda for Pelican staff, so Anna-Maria gained accreditation to deliver EDI training courses.

The training days cover learning outcomes for EDI’s Level 1 Award in Providing a Healthier School Meals Service specifically designed for school caterers and other staff involved in the school meal food service. The award is recognised and endorsed by the School Food Trust.

Training takes the form of a range of interactive activities which allow attendees to gain new knowledge and refresh their existing skills. Workshops include designing a theme day for school meals and presenting ideas on healthier school catering. These provide an excellent opportunity for candidates to share their examples of best practice and to learn new ideas on what works well from their fellow trainees.

Attendees are able to work with like minded school caterers with opportunities to network over lunch and coffee breaks.

Feedback on the training course

John Simms, Operations Support Manager for Graysons Restaurants attended one of the courses. 

“I was particularly interested in the nutritional analysis because I wanted to be sure I’m ticking all the right boxes in the schools that we serve, and this course gives me the accreditation to highlight to our clients that we do that.”

“I was really grateful that the course helped me cut through all the red tape as well. Until I joined Graysons I had limited knowledge of the education sector, and since then and with the nutritional standards coming in, I’ve seen so many booklets and been sent so much information on providing compliant menus for schools, that it’s hard to know where to start!”

“The course was so simple on the day, it was exactly what I was hoping for. It provided good, fundamental information on what you should be doing, and the best way to do it.”

“We all had a chat and got ideas from each other; the marketing aspect in the afternoon meant we could all impart some of the knowledge we’d gained from working in the industry.”

“The course just laid it all down in concise detail what’s required, so it’s become a great reference tool. And even more, now when I pitch for new business –all the clients are aware of the nutrition guidelines – I can show them my accreditation and it becomes an extra element of the service we can offer.”

To find out more about Pelican's healthy school food training courses, please call 01252 70522 or email

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