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Catering teams use online ordering module Cherry Pi

Pelican’s Pi cloud-based procurement system provides an extensive range of modules that empower finance, procurement, and catering teams to streamline their operations, saving them hours of manual effort.

With Pi, teams gain a comprehensive view of their catering operations, giving them greater visibility and control. The Pi system is continuously updated and enhanced by a dedicated in-house development team supported by Pi’s Product Manager, Matt Ferris. The team stays up to date with evolving legislation, user feedback, and suggestions to ensure the system’s functionalities are always current and relevant. 

Matt and team are currently undertaking a three-phase upgrade to the online ordering module, Cherry Pi, which aims to enhance its user interface, optimise its usability, and overall performance. With this upgrade, the module’s visual appeal, functionality, and ease-of-use will be improved, providing users with a better experience. 

About Cherry Pi 

Cherry Pi is designed to simplify the ordering process for Pelican clients. The tool offers a thoughtfully curated product list with pre-negotiated prices by Pelican, enabling clients to order the right products at competitive rates. It also offers an unparalleled level of control to operators, ensuring that teams order the right items while providing managers of larger organisations with complete visibility over orders placed. 

While the tool has been designed to offer an intuitive and hassle-free ordering experience, the team are continually working to enhance its usability and compatibility with all devices.  

By incorporating user feedback and industry insights, they are committed to improving the application’s functionality, appearance, and performance. The goal is to provide clients with an exceptional supplier ordering tool that caters to their needs, reducing the time required to place supplier orders. 

Cherry Pi’s sweet upgrades: Better than ever

Phase 1 

Last year, the team launched the first phase of a new Cherry Pi update which included lots of ‘under the hood’ system enhancements along with a better page layout.  

Phase 2 

Soon, they will be introducing the second phase of the update, which will feature significant changes to make order building faster and more accessible.  The team has implemented several user-friendly features including: 

Supplier logos: To make order scanning easier for users, the team has added supplier logos to the order list page, also making it easier to identify specific orders. 

Additional product searching options:  We’ve added some exciting new ways to search for products on Cherry Pi!  Additional filters will help you quickly find what you’re looking for. 

  • By nominal code – If your organisation already uses nominal codes for products, you’ll love the new filter that allows you to search by them.  
  • By recently ordered – This lets you sort orders by the date they were placed, so you can quickly find orders from the past month, two months ago, or even three months ago. 
  • By product category – We’ve improved the list of categories to help you find the exact product you need faster. The new categories are multi-level, for example, you can filter the list for ‘butchery’ or narrow the search further to show just ‘beef’. 

Price per g/ml:  A supermarket-style “price per g/ml” has been added to product listings, enabling quicker price comparisons across different weight and pack sizes. 

View items on order from the product list: The enhanced “plus” button allows users to view the quantity of items ordered from within the product list. 

Phase 3 

In the upcoming third phase, due in the next few months, we will be introducing product photos, improving the small-screen device experience, and providing grid and list view options.  We will also be adding a product detail view that will enable you to see more information about the products available. 

Our goal is to make Cherry Pi the best in class and to save caterers additional time, enhancing their day and vastly improving their operations. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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