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Piranha Case Study

Sarah Thomas, who acts as a consultant Head of Food for several groups – shares her experience of using latest technology in the kitchen – menu & allergen management (Piranha), and online ordering (CherryPi).

One-stop-shop menu management system

When a small business begins it is possible to use a hands-on approach, to train staff, on what to get from where and how to produce dishes. But as a business starts to scale up, this can start to prove a challenge – with the inherent danger that without clear documentation and specifications, standards can start to slip, as untrained staff are forced to find their own ways of doing things.

Piranha is a really time-efficient way to document and communicate brand standards across multiple units, freeing up the ops teams to focus on what really matters to their guests.

The more you use it, the more you realise how clever Piranha is . It saves me a lot of time, as it’s quick and easy to enter dishes into the system and once they are captured they can be used to produce lots of different supporting documents.

For example, dish specifications are a very clear way of communicating to a chef, what is required to deliver the dish exactly as intended. It’s really handy that along with ingredients and cooking methods, you can also include an image of what the dish should look like. Piranha can also be used generate a buying list so it’s really easy for sites to know what they need to order and from which supplier.

Sarah says: “Piranha provides my clients with a one-stop-shop for their menu management needs, saving time and helping them deliver a consistently great experience to their guests.

Control Menu Costs and Allergens

Allergens are a major concern for any hospitality operator and Piranha helps my clients manage this too, as the system captures the allergen data for ingredients directly from suppliers, providing an auditable trail of information. This information can be used to generate a dish or ingredient level allergen matrix, at the click of a button.

Whilst Piranha’s buying list tells a site what they should order, I also love Cherry Pi, the on-line ordering system that operates as an authorised buying list, ensuring the correct ingredients are easy to locate and thus are indeed the ones actually ordered, saving time and controlling cost and allergens.

The intuitive nature of all the Pi modules also helps, it’s easy to use and there’s no mystery to it. If someone can order a product from Amazon, they can order their stock on Cherry Pi.”

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