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You may have seen that last week the Mayor of London, together with the London Food Board, published the draft ‘London Food Strategy’, which is now open for consultation.  The strategy aims to reduce obesity rates and other diet related ill-health in London through access to good food for all.

One of the proposed approaches to achieve the goal is for public sector organisations and public institutions, including schools and hospitals, to work towards the Soil Association’s ‘Food for Life Served Here’ award. This accreditation promotes healthy and sustainable food provided by out of home eating establishments through a set of rigorous standards covering nutrition, animal welfare and food quality.

As part of the accreditation process caterers have their menus and service externally audited, which helps them demonstrate high quality meals and prove they are doing a good job. In partnership with the Soil Association, Pelican is proud to have supported several clients in working towards the FFL Served Here award.  Pelican clients that have been awarded this recognised accreditation include Surrey County CouncilGuy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, Wakefield School for Girls, Greenshaw Academy, STEP Academy Trust and Riddlesdown Collegiate, among others.

Whether you are working in education, healthcare or the hospitality sector and you want to achieve the Food for Life Served Here award – Pelican team is here to help you. 


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Pelican is member of the Soil Association’s Food for Live Served Here Supplier Scheme. This means that we are able to fully support our clients in successfully gaining the Food for Life Served Here award.

As such, we are able to not only source products that fit within the Bronze, Silver and Gold criteria, but we understand the inspection process and can help caterers overcome challenges and prepare the evidence.  

A real advantage is that we already have the supplier relationships in place, work with clients to create ‘locked in’ purchasing lists, and have online systems that track the details of all products, making it far easier and quicker to be able to track and monitor progress, in addition to access the evidence needed to demonstrate compliance.

Reports can be produced outlining product and supplier compliance, purchase histories can be documented and help is on hand from experts who have been working with the standard since it was created in 2009.

To find out more about the Food for Life Served Here Award, and how Pelican can help your business – please contact Anna-Maria Holt BSc Hons. RD, member of British Dietetic Association and Company Dietitian at Pelican Procurement Services on 01252 705200 email

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Anna-Maria Holt

Company Dietitian and Health & Wellbeing Lead at Pelican Procurement Services

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