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In today’s conscientious market, where 72% of consumers are actively striving to reduce their consumption of single-use plastics—a significant increase from 58% just two years ago—the call for sustainability is louder than ever.

Stuart Jones, National Account Executive – Away From Home, shares how Hellmann’s, the leading condiment brand, is one brand on a journey to make sustainable changes to their range.

Hellman’s recyclable sauce bottles

Recognizing the pressing need for action, Hellmann’s is committed to eliminating single-use plastics from its product range. We have been taking progressive steps to make a change which reflects on the businesses which stock them.

Their squeezy 430ml sauce bottles are now made with 100% recyclable plastic, which supports the growing demand from customers for more eco-friendly options.

Advantages of recyclable bottles

Hellmann’s 430ml squeezy bottles, inclusive of the nation’s favourite mayonnaise, are now 100% recyclable products. The goal of this is to remove the need for single-use plastics found in sachets.

Recyclable bottles fulfil a positive consumer experience by offering convenience, personalised portion control and limited usage waste.

Some other benefits of using squeezy bottles include:

  • A mess-free dining experience
  • Controlled servings
  • Saving time on sachet refilling/checking availability
  • Saving time on cleaning the mess from the use of sachets

By using these bottles, not only will you be maintaining the same exceptional taste that your consumers love, but you will also be demonstrating your part towards sustainability – communicating a powerful message and enhancing your brand’s image.

By opting for recyclable bottles, you will also be making a cost-efficient switch from multi-layered sachets. Many would initially imagine the costs to be higher for these squeezy bottles; however, there can be significant savings over a period as opposed to the use of sachets, which incur long-term costs of waste disposal and environmental impact.

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Source: Attest 2022: Sustainability Trends Report

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