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As part of our commitment to fostering a positive work environment through our sustainability plan, Be Well Do Well, our goal is to support our teams by providing resources for mental health guidance and development opportunities. Empowering our teams with these resources has enabled us to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Check out some of how we support our team:

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA Training)

We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health, and we understand that the well-being of our teams directly impacts the level of care and attention they can provide at work and to our customers. Through specialised MHFA-accredited training, our people managers gain invaluable skills to support their teams’ mental health.

We also conduct refresher courses every three years to update their skills and knowledge on emerging trends and topics related to mental health.

Training opportunities and apprenticeships

Our commitment to nurturing professional growth means our teams continually evolve and stay ahead in their respective fields.

Whether through customised training, utilising LinkedIn Learning’s vast array of expert-led courses, or apprenticeships, our teams are well-prepared to tackle challenges and provide solutions for our customers.

Hayden Ludford, Trainee Tender Manager, says, “Participating in the apprenticeship programme/CIPS has helped me to apply theory in practical, real-world scenarios. As a result, I feel like this has helped me to develop professionally and that I can share this knowledge with colleagues.

Mentoring programme

In addition to training opportunities, we launched a transformative mentoring programme, where 60 associates across the Avendra Group business participate internationally.

Through this initiative, each participant has been thoughtfully matched as a mentor, mentee, or in some cases, both. This fosters a dynamic learning environment, encouraging knowledge-sharing, skill development across generations, and diverse roles within our organisation.

Simona Hardy, Head of Marketing at Avendra Group Europe; “I recently joined our new mentoring program and am enthusiastic about its opportunities. Having the ability to have personalised guidance will help me to enhance my skills and empower me to tap into my full potential. I’m excited about building a strong mentor-mentee relationship, confident that this program will propel me towards success and fulfilment.”

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