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The current market conditions are volatile and products availability changes daily. The key is to be flexible and give suppliers plenty of notice for your needs.

To help you run your organisation safely, we have put together a list of critical key products that our procurement team is able to source for you in these difficult times.

Helping you to source critical key products
Download the key products list

Thanks to our live product database and our contingency supply chain strategy, we can source alternative products from a number of suppliers or directly from manufacturers.

You can rest assured that we only work with reputable suppliers that adhere to the highest industry standards.

We are here to help

If you need help sourcing any products or if you are experiencing any supply chain issue, please on 1252 940 106 or email

Critical key products list


  • Masks, Gloves, Aprons and other PPE
  • Non-contact Infrared Thermometers
  • Hand Sanitizers, Hand Soap
  • Safety Shields/Sneeze Guards

Safety equipment

  • Screens / Sneeze guards – different types from counter mounted to free standing
  • Isolation rooms – modular rooms that can be constructed inside existing rooms or structures
  • Knee operated or sensor tap wash hand basins
  • Mobile free standing wash hand basin units
  • Free standing sanitise station
  • Touch-less soap dispensers
  • Insulated food bags for food transportation
  • Antibacterial dining wear – plates, trays, platters, cutlery & bowls
  • Re usable plastic/melamine boxes / packaging for individual meals
  • Food holding equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment of any type
  • Air & surface steriliser – wall mounted unit

Housekeeping & cleaning

  • Disinfectants, wipes, & cloths
  • Clean-up and remediation services
  • Paper hygiene products
  • Refuse sacks, bin liners
  • Air filtration enhancements
  • Class 10 (and lower) clean room classification, microfiber systems
  • Health & safety signage, 2 meter posters

Disposable packaging

  • Food to-go packaging
  • Cutlery packs & napkins

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